Health Action Overseas - Romania

Str. Agricultori nr. 66, ap. 1, sector 2, 021493 Bucuresti, Romania
Tel: +40 (0)21 320 30 68

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You can make a donation to help us bring young people with disability out of institutions to lead a normal life in the community.  Donate through PAYPAL or by sending a cheque made payable to our funding partners; Health Action Overseas (, Carmichael House, North Brunswick St. Dublin 7, Ireland



You can sign up to 'sponsor a project' and make a real difference to a young persons life.  Pay a small amount each month to help a young disabled person to leave an institution, get an education, find a job, live in their own home. Click PAYPAL


Organise an event or participate in one; choose FVB as your 'Cause'.  You can set up your own webpage on and get your friends and relatives to support your event.  Your event will help us to support young people like these 2 young women with disability participate in activities in the community.


Many people find that leaving a legacy to benefit others after they've gone is one of the most wonderful, rewarding experience of their lives.  You can go on making a real difference to a young disabled person by helping us to continue the work we do.  Leaving a legacy is something anyone can do regardless of their income; every legacy counts no matter how large or small.  To find out how, contact us.



Asistent Social cu jumatate de norma, program flexibil Responsabilitati: Asistentul social raspunde...
On the 18th of Novermber 2014 another Meeting of HAO Board of Directors was held in Dublin, where...
Today, the 25th of February 2014, FVB's Executive Director has attended HAO Board of Directors...
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