Health Action Overseas - Romania

Str. Agricultori nr. 66, ap. 1, sector 2, 021493 Bucuresti, Romania
Tel: +40 (0)21 320 30 68

Donate 2% of your Tax

Are you working in Romania?


Are you paying tax here? Would you like to donate 2% of your tax to help bring young disabled people out of institutions, to live in the community?


You can donate 2% of your tax to FVB and make a difference to a young person’s life.


If you only got salaries, download DECLARATION_230 h ere:


If you also got any other type of income, download DECLARATION_200 here:


Should you need more information about this option, and/or assistance in filling in the form, please contact us at , phone us on 021 320 30 68 or skype us on fvb.romania.


In partnership with the Local Authority Social Services Department in Constanta, FVB are...
This is our 20th year  in Romania and we seen some amazing success stories; in addition to...
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