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Programul de Incluziune Sociala

Locuinta Sociala: Casa Catalina - Galati

One of the difficulties facing County Councils is the lack of non-institutional accommodation for young disabled people who reach the age of 18 where they are no longer eligible for child services. These vulnerable young people are sent from child placement centres housing up to 60 children, to large adult neuro-psychiatric institutions. Whilst child placement centres are not ideal; moving young people into large adult institutions where the ratio of staff to young person is far less than that of a placement centre, is traumatic and puts the child’s physical and emotional wellbeing at risk.

County council staff have no special training in working with disabled young people in the community; their experience is of working in institutions where service provision uses a medical model. FVB provide a rolling programme of training to local authority staff in the social model approach to service delivery. A pilot training project for 6 staff members working at “Casa Cătălina” (group home in Galati) achieved a number of successful outcomes; the key worker system was introduced and each young disabled person now has a named member of staff responsible for their programme. FVB is training key workers on how to develop Person Centred Plans with young disabled people and how to identify individualised activities that will lead to their greater independence. We plan to offer this successful training programme to other NGOs and County Council staff working with young people with intellectual disability.

Project for Supported Independent Living Apartments

Apartment Egreta:

FVB support 4 young people with disability to live in an apartment in Constanta.   We help these young people gain independent living skills, get jobs and deal with the day to day challenges they face living in the community and being part of the workforce.    We are actively working with these young people so that they will develop their skills and gain the confidence they will need to move into their own apartments.

Apartment Lira:

In partnership with Constanta Social Services Department (DGASPC) FVB support 5 young people from institutional care in an apartment where they will gain the skills they need to live independently. We will also help them to find employment and manage the challenges they may face living and working in the community.   This is a 3 year project; the goal is for these young people to gain employment and to move to their own apartments.

Safety Net Project

FVB provide a safety net of support to young people with disability who have moved into their own apartment.  The level of support varies according to the needs of the young person; from being at the end of the telephone to hear about their latest purchase, to helping them manage their finances so they can pay their bills.  We help and encourage the young people to develop their own network of support from the friends, work colleagues and other contacts they have made in the community. We see this project as the final phase of FVB’s Social Inclusion Programme.


Rehousing project

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