Health Action Overseas - Romania

Str. Agricultori nr. 66, ap. 1, sector 2, 021493 Bucuresti, Romania
Tel: +40 (0)21 320 30 68

Despre noi

FVB is a non-Governmental and not-for-profit charitable organisation.  We support young people  with a disability or those who have been labelled as having a disabilty, to leave institutions, move into homes in the community and lead full, active lives.  We provide an opportunity to attend school and courses to gain the education and skills unavailable to them whilst living in institutions.  When they are ready we help them to find employment.


Registered as a Romanian Charity and founded in 1999 by Health Action Overseas - Ireland as the first step in localising their activities in Romania. HAO continues to fund all FVB activities.


Despre Health Action Overseas

HAO, formerly 'Babies of Romania' is a registered Irish Charity.   Founded in 1991 by James Dillon after he visited one of Romania's many orphanages for abandoned children.  Seeing the appalling conditions the children were living in, James returned to Ireland where he began to send container loads of food and clothing to Romania for the children.  He soon realised that whilst this type of relief work was a much needed necessity at the time; a more sustainable approach was necessary.  HAO embarked on a programme of learning and development for FVB and local authority staff working in the institutions.

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In partnership with the Local Authority Social Services Department in Constanta, FVB are...
This is our 20th year  in Romania and we seen some amazing success stories; in addition to...
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