Health Action Overseas - Romania

Str. Agricultori nr. 66, ap. 1, sector 2, 021493 Bucuresti, Romania
Tel: +40 (0)21 320 30 68

Consiliul Director al HAO Romania

James Dillon is the founder of Health Action Overseas (formerly Babies of Romania). He has played a key role in the setting up and establishment of HAO in Romania and has also been involved in setting up projects in Albania and China. He is managing director of a multimedia company specialised in designing training programmes, both DVD and online, for large corporates in Ireland and the UK.
He has worked with UTV, Sky News, TVAM and GMTV.

Brendan Collins has over thirty years experience of working in disability, human resource management and the non-profit sector in Ireland. Brendan worked for over twenty years in Enable Ireland, a national organisation for people with physical disability, where he was directly involved in facilitating both children and adults in educational, social and vocational activities. He led the Community Development Programme supporting adults in accessing community based activities; a programme underpinned by the values of social inclusion, equality and the social model of disability.
Brendan was “human service and disability” Course Director for the Open Training College where he was involved in the design and delivery of a HAO training course on the social model of disability to staff in Romania. In July of 2010 Brendan took up the position of CEO of Health Action Overseas.

Patrick Vaughan  joined the board of FVB in 2008 and is a resource person on finances/accounting. He is a semi-retired Property Manager and Pension Fund Trustee and has many years experience as Financial Director in large multinational companies involved in manufacturing and marketing of electronic products. Pat is a Fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants.
Francisc Simon is the President of the Federation "National Organisation of Persons with Handicap from Romania", a umbrella organisation that has over 30 NGOs members. He has over 20 years experience in working within the public and NGO sector, lobbying and advocating for improvements in laws and policies related to the field of disability.
Mihaela Bărăgan is a member of FVB Board since 2007.
With a background in engineering and social work, she has over fifteen years experience in writing and implementing projects that address the need of integration and social inclusion of vulnerable groups, for ONPHR federation and other non-Governmental organizations. Her favorite working topics are: terminology in disability sector, issues related to young persons and women with disabilities.



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