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Rehousing Project


Less than 20 years ago a number of eight young adults with disabilities living in a large scale state institution in Negru Voda, were moved by HAO to James Dillon Group Home in Constanta city. As a natural step towards achieving full independence they were then moved in 2008 to a to semi-independent apartment, Egreta. Further on in 2012, six of them have been supported to move to Henry Coanda Social Campus in Constanta, while for the other two financial support has been provided for them to buy their own flats.

After careful consideration, following HAO’s assessment of housing and environment conditions in Henry Coanda in 2015, a number of concerns on the barriers that the young adults are facing to living the live they want have been raised, all of them having been at times victims of hostility and some violence from other people living in the Social Campus.

As a result, HAO has recently decided to support the four young adults once more, in providing them with proper housing, by financially supporting both the purchase of their apartments and the accommodation to a new, much safer environment. Rehousing project aims at improving living conditions for four of our young adults with a disability, and to potentially creating more choices on where they want to live and whom do they want to live with, to enable them to achieve their aspirations. Over a period of six months, HAO will purchase a number of two studios and a one bedroom apartment and will ensure smooth transition and accommodation of the four young adults.




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