Health Action Overseas - Romania

Str. Agricultori nr. 66, ap. 1, sector 2, 021493 Bucuresti, Romania
Tel: +40 (0)21 320 30 68


All FVB programmes must have a 'direct and measurable impact'; every programme we support helps transform lives in Romania.


Fundamental to the work of FVB is the acceptance of the social model of disability i.e. that disability is the social consequence of having an impairment and that it is society which needs to change to ensure the full inclusion of disabled people... For this reason we use the term "disabled person" accepting society’s role in "disabling" people with an impairment.


Our guys becoming better prepared to address infectious diseases... . Training Session @...
Romanian Mici, non-alcoholic drinks ;-) homemade cookies and a lot of fun ...and the Photographer...
Multumim tuturor prietenilor si sustinatorilor nostri care (si) in 2012 au directionat 2% din...
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