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LEAD - Labour market Employment for young Adults with a Disability

The project focuses on transferring know-how and best practice on employment initiatives for young adults with a disability (Y/AwD) across European countries with the ultimate goal of creating more quality jobs, lower unemployment rates and develop an inclusive labour market. The project’s main objective is to develop and improve the framework of knowledge, organisation, functioning and active promotion of optimal measures in employment processes for young people with disabilities 15 – 29 years old with a special focus on 24-29 year olds, in order to increase their access to the labour market.

By involving Y/AwD in Supported Employment (SE) programs, volunteering, educational activities and organising meetings between Y/AwD and employers they will be able to develop personal/professional skills in order to get suitable jobs. By delivering sessions of training for the employers and specialists in employment they will be able to understand the needs of Y/AwD. By elaborating and delivering a Training package for family members of Y/AwD they will be able to better support their efforts to access the open labour market. By establishing national networks of SE services will increase capacity of service providers to achieve higher rate of success and influence public politics towards employment inclusion.

The direct target groups of the project consists of Y/AwD (15-29), employers, specialists, family members of Y/AwD, public & private organisations involved in SE delivery.

The success will be measured via process, outcome and impact indicators:

  •     overall internal project evaluation including sustainability;
  •     process and progress monitoring every 6 months and Evaluation of transferring the models of best practice;
  •     independent external audit to perform audits on project financial statements.

Sustainability will be ensured by means of:

  •     development of a Guide of best practice in employing Y/AwD;
  •     integrated services and products (training packages) in SE;
  •     national network of SE providers.
Start date of implementation: 01/07/2018  
End date of implementation: 31/12/2021  
Estimated project duration: 42 months  
Total estimated eligible Project costs: € 1.501.088  
Requested grant amount: € 1.275.842  
Beneficiary Partners: Health Action Overseas - Romania Leading Partner
  Consultis Ltd. - Portugal  
  Valakupiai Rehabilitation Centre  - Lithuania  
Expert Partner: Status Employment - UK  


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