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Steve's Marathon Hat ;-)

27/03/2012 12:16

Congratulations to Steve who ran his first ever half marathon in 2 hours 34 minutes. We asked Steve to write a little something about what motivated him to get from behind the computer and run…..


“Not sure what to say.    I must confess that it was a half marathon rather than the full 26 miles I ran yesterday - the Wilmslow Half Marathon to be precise.   It took me a grand total of 2 hours 34 minutes which is not the fastest of times but still quite satisfying as it was the first time I'd entered anything like this.  Spending my days sat in front of a computer  I'd been thinking for a while about trying running (on the basis of repeated suggestions from any one of my three children that my belly seems to be getting bigger)!


Then my company said they would be an official sponsor of the Wilmslow Half Marathon and enter a team.  Foolishly I signed up.  This meant trying to get fit over the last few months.   Whilst the official charity the team were sponsoring was a cancer charity,  knowing Christine and the work she had been doing [for HAO] gave me an alternative, so I was more than happy to try and raise a little in order to support the work you're all doing in Romania.


And now that you thought I was running a full marathon I'm going to have to find another half marathon to complete the challenge. Oh well.


But also nice to hear about about one of your guys too [who has a job for the first time] - I hope the job goes OK for him”.


Very best wishes



You can see Steve on the website - this was towards the end.

He is wearing number 3660 and the very nice hat!


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