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HAO Romania new website official launch!

20/11/2011 21:20
Check this out!

Opening of New Socially Inclusive Living Option

17/10/2011 14:42
This is just to let you know that Kathleen informs us that the opening of the new apartment earlier went really well and that there was a lot of media interest. John Morahon, the Ambassador was really impressed with both the project and the day itself. The young people prepared all the food...

FVB welcomes Alex

11/08/2011 14:45
FVB are pleased to announce the recruitment of Alexandra who has just joined us to work on our new project in Constanta.  She is a qualified social worker and has experience of working with young people with disability both in Romania and abroad.

4 young people leave the institutions

31/07/2011 15:28
In partnership with the Local Authority Social Services Department in Constanta, FVB are bringing 4 young people with disability out of institutional care into the community where we will be working with them on their independent living skills and when they are ready, helping them to find...

Celebrating 20 years in Romania

11/05/2011 15:30
This is our 20th year  in Romania and we seen some amazing success stories; in addition to the many children's lives saved, a large number of immobile and non-verbal children of all ages are now walking and talking thanks to the work of therapists and volunteers who over the years travelled...
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