HAO Romania Team

Nicolae Dobrescu - Executive Director


Nico first worked with us as a Project Coordinator in Negru Voda one of Romania’s orphanages, back in 2000. He rose to the position of Executive Director in 2003 working with us until 2007, when unfortunately for us, Nico moved with his family back to Bucharest. In 2013, he decided to come back to us, full time. With a background in Law, financial and project management, Nico helps us to improve our financial reporting systems and fundraising capacity. He is also the Manager of the LEAD project.

Cristina Serbanescu - Communication Manager

Cristina graduated the Faculty of Commerce of Bucharest University of Economic Studies, and she is specialized in marketing. She has over 23 years of experience in marketing, communication and public relations, gained by working with important non-governmental organizations. Cristina joined our team in September. She is responsible for promoting our key initiatives, activities and services. She thinks that it  is very important to let the facts speak, so she always talks about our beneficiaries and their progress. In her opinion, this is the best way to transmit to our public a consistent and a correct message.

Alina Dobrescu - Employment Coordinator/Trainer

Alina has background in Psychology and Education Sciences and she's over the last 21 years worked in the Social Inclusion Sector for the benefit of people belonging to disadvantaged groups with an emphasis on people with a disability. She worked for FVB as a Group Home Coordinator at James Dillon House – Constanta between 2004 and 2005, and between 2005 and 2007 she coordinated the Training Programme and the Shadow Training Programme at Techirghiol Pilot Centre. In 2018, Alina came back to us, as Employment Coordinator/Trainer on the LEAD project. She has also taken over the responsibilities on coordinating local staff working with our young adults.

Alina Sachelaru – Supported Employment Specialist

Alina graduated the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences and is specialized in special psycho pedagogy and speech therapy. She became part of our team in October. Alina monitors the current activities with the young adults and keeps a permanent relationship with the employers who want to give a chance to people with disabilities who are willing to work. She also promotes the supported employment model, so her experience in sales is an advantage.

Olivia Grigore – Labour Market Expert

Olivia graduated the Faculty of Psychology and is specialized in socio psycho pedagogy. She joined us in August. She monitors the current activities of the Y/AwD and helps them to improve their working skills and behaviours. She also works closely with the employers which have hired young people with disabilities.