Guiding Principles

All FVB programmes must have a ‘direct and measurable impact’ – every programme we support helps transform lives in Romania. 

Our programmes are based on a human rights approach to service delivery; we believe that regardless of the nature and seriousness of their impairment, disabled people have the equal right to:

  • Participate in the ordinary life of the community;
  • Access ordinary services that are available to every other Romanian citizen; doctors, hairdressers, schools etc.;
  • Be provided with appropriate information to make choices and to take decisions of their own concerning their own lives;
  • A home that meets their need for security and comfort. To have fittings and equipment in the home that facilitate their ability to develop and improve their daily living skills, thus increasing their opportunity for empowerment and self advocacy;
  • Be protected from ill treatment or abuse either physical, sexual, emotional or as the result of neglect.