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FVB bring young people with disability out of Romania's institutions and orphanages into homes in the community.  We support them to develop the skills they need to live independent full lives, make friends, get jobs.  We also work in the community with Parents and Carers of children with disability and with young people with disability.


How it all started in the first place...

In 1999 in a bid to localize the organisation, HAO founded Fundatia pentru O Viata mai Buna (FVB), to take advantage of the reputation of HAO's longevity in the field of disability and in its reputation in the field of disability services both in Romania and in Ireland.

In 1990 after seeing young children with disability living in appalling conditions in Romania’s orphanages, James Dillon, with a small group of volunteers sent aid trucks with food and clothing to the orphanages providing much needed relief; ‘Babies of Romania’ became a registered Irish Charity in 1991. Large numbers of volunteers travelled from Ireland and the UK to work as ‘carers’ in orphanages in Nicoresti (Galati County) and Negru Voda (Constanta County).   As the ‘babies’ grew and became young adults, Babies of Romania  decided to change its name to Health Action Overseas (HAO). By 1994 HAO had moved from providing relief to more sustainable development - educational and therapeutic programmes for disabled children and young people living in the Placement Centres and Orphanages; training programmes for local authority staff and in 2002 HAO opened its first group home. In 2007 as a progression from group home living, 6 young people moved into 2 apartments. All of these young people are now in full time employment, 2 have moved into their own apartments with financial support from HAO.


Health Action Overseas - UK is a newly set up and registered UK Charity, helping people with disabilities to participate as full members of society in a way that respects their dignity and rights by providing support and activities which develop the skills and capabilities of people living with disabilities to live independently and to gain education and employment which allows them to participate in society as mature and responsible individuals. HAO UK works in partnership with Fundatia pentru o Viata mai Buna (FVB) and with Health Action Oversaes - Ireland to assist local and government authorities in host countries.

Health Action Overseas UK (HAO UK) will provide training to FVB, delivered in part, by UK volunteers and will support FVB to embed its Independent Living Programme as a progression for all of the young people living in Romania’s Institutions where they have been labelled as 'disabled'.


Success story!


Abandoned in one of Romania's orphanges at the age of 3, Vasile was labelled 'irrecuperable' (unable to learn or progress) at 9 years old, he was unable to walk or talk when we first found him. Vasile is a very different person today, with our support he lives in the community, has a full time job and has just taken out a loan to buy his own studio apartment. Vasile is one of FVB's many success stories.


Yet another day at the mall

16/06/2013 17:14
Vlad's new car... Ionel's new car... Popcorn addicts :) Kick ass :-D Group photo

1st session of training @ Baylor Marea Neagra

01/06/2013 11:56
Our guys becoming better prepared to address infectious diseases... . Training Session @ Baylor Marea Neagra with Mrs Stefania Mihale – Programmes Director & Mrs Mihaela Bogdan – Projects Director.  

1st of May..., beginning of holiday season..., who cares as long as there's a lot of fun ;-)

03/05/2013 12:55
Romanian Mici, non-alcoholic drinks ;-) homemade cookies and a lot of fun ...and the Photographer :-)  

It's that time of the year... again... ;-)

01/04/2013 22:32
Multumim tuturor prietenilor si sustinatorilor nostri care (si) in 2012 au directionat 2% din impozitul pe venit catre Fundatia pentru o Viata mai Buna (FVB). Speram ca nu ne veti uita nici anul acesta!   Daca ati obtinut numai venituri din salarii, descarcati DECLARATIA...

Photos from (an) aniversary

26/03/2013 23:01

3D Experience :-D

23/02/2013 18:52

Living independently: 3, 2, 1... GO!

16/12/2012 17:13
In October 4 young adults supported through our projects in Constanta were granted individual social studios by the City Hall. We expect them to move in their new homes by the end of the year. They are very excited about that and keen to prove us all that they can live on their own. Our staff...

Race night at Joyces Pub

11/06/2012 20:28
Race night at Joyces Pub in Bucharest was a huge success thanks to Aidan Joyce and the staff at Joyces Pub.  Aidan will be handing over cheques at the Bloomsday celebrations on June 16th outside Joyces Pub to HAO and 2 other charities who benefited from the event.  Thank...

Treasure Hunters wanted!

07/05/2012 11:25
Treasure Hunts are really great fun – Don’t miss out on HAOs Treasure Hunt in Bucharest on Tuesday 15th May this year; we meet at Joyces Pub where all Hunters will be given the list of questions they have to find the answers to in each pub on the circuit.   Aidan Joyce has kindly...

Race Nite, Joyces Pub Friday May 11th

17/04/2012 20:11
Don’t miss out on the Race Night at Joyces Pub on Friday 11th May.  You will not only have a fantastic evening – you will also be supporting HAO and two other charities – it’s a win win situation for all…. Check out the poster. You can buy your very own race horse for just 200 Ron, name it...
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